Tales From the Road

We're gonna try a new blog series every weekend and tell you guys a little of what goes on behind the scenes at every show. Kinda like a behind the scenes session with Honkytonk Special. There's so many things that happen that really have us laughing and just enjoying time with each other, so we decided to share it with you guys!

IHOP And Other Stuff
This past weekend, and this week so far, have been very eventful and truthfully a lot of fun! We had 2 great gigs this past weekend, one in Lufkin and the other in Houston. Well, if any of y'all know me well, you'll know that I'm one of the most forgetful people that have ever walked this earth! Well, I lived up to my reputation this weekend! We left our gig in Houston Saturday night, I was riding with Tracy, as usual. We stopped at Buccee's in Baytown, cause who don't love Buccee's? Well when we were going in the store, I couldn't find my truck keys............ yep, you guessed it! Left them at the club we just finished playing! I also once forgot my iPad at a club and had to drive back 2 hours the next morning to get it, so this didn't surprise me one bit lol. Thankfully, this time, Web worked close to the bar and he was able to pick up my keys for me lol. So we also have some great news to announce!!!! We have official started production on our first music video, we're doing a video for "To Die For." This video will feature ALL military veterans as the cast. We're pretty excited! So a funny story from this is, my buddy Mike is playing the lead character. Mike is missing a leg and has a great sense of humor about it, he's usually the first one to crack a joke about it. Well, after we wrapped up the filming for that night; Mike, the director, and myself all went out for a couple beers. Well, boys will be boys, and a couple turned into quite a few. I noticed that I needed to sober the guys up before I could bring them back to their vehicles and they drive home. I suggest we go have some breakfast to sober up and Mike quickly agreed! I said you wanna go to Waffle House? Which happens to be one of my favorite places to eat. Then for some reason I asked him, well we can go there, or would you prefer IHOP? Mike looks right at me and says "I see what you did there!" Right about that moment it dawns on me....... IHOP........ Mike has one leg! We both just about died laughing!!! Well, that's our tales for this week.

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