Tales From the Road

We're gonna try a new blog series every weekend and tell you guys a little of what goes on behind the scenes at every show. Kinda like a behind the scenes session with Honkytonk Special. There's so many things that happen that really have us laughing and just enjoying time with each other, so we decided to share it with you guys!

I'm Alive!!!!
We had another really fun and eventful weekend! Met some great new fans, hung out with some regular fans, and got some great new footage. All of that was great and fun, but that's not the best story from the weekend! What happened Friday night/Saturday morning was simply too funny to not share. We played in the Lufkin area friday night and the DeRidder area Saturday. Since the drive to Lufkin from home was the same drive time as Lufkin to DeRidder, we just decided to stay in a hotel and drive straight to the next show. So we load up and head out Friday. We go straight to the venue Friday and setup for that nights show. When we get to the hotel, Tracy realized that he forgot his C-pap machine (I think that's how its spelled LOL). He has sleep apnea and never sleeps without it. Well, this really freaked me out and I knew that meant no sleep for me that night, cause I was going to be worried about him all night now, being as we shared a room. The show went fine, we had a great time. As expected, once we got back to the room, I didn't sleep much at all. I woke up like every 30 minutes to check on Tracy, just making sure I could see the rise and fall of his chest. Well, morning comes and he's still breathing. I finally start to drift off into a deep sleep and get some meaningful rest, and then BAM! I get hit in the face with a pillow. Then I hear Tracy exclaim "I didn't die bitch!" LOL. These are the shenanigans I deal with on the road LOL.

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