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We have a slow week coming up with a weekend off, so I wanted to just type a little something for you guys and gals. We played in Lufkin last Saturday and had a great time. With the time down this weekend, I think I'm gonna take my kiddo fishing. But before I do that, I wanted to turn yall on to a few things.

Country Music is Alive and Well!
We had a slow week this weekend, didn't play any shows, just kind of relaxed. I figured I'd do another "What I'm Listening To" type of blog again. I'm going to throw a twist into this one though, these are gonna be my close personal friends music.

Donice Morace

Donice has a new record out that I was really excited about! His single "The Blues Are Alive & Well" is already a Top 20 hit. Donice is a huge influence on my career, he helped shape me into the artist I am today. I met Donice while I was in high school, and he's as genuine as they come!

Song to Check Out
"Through The Jukebox." This is my absolute FAVORITE song on this record! This is a tune that makes you want to just dance. Country music at its finest.

Jericho Burley

This is another one of my closest friends, and he's fairly new to the scene. He's only been playing for about 3 years and has already carved out quite a niche for himself. This is another artist who calls on the neo-traditional side of country music. And this guy is a CHARACTER! Get him and I together and you're guaranteed laughs!

Song to Check Out
"Devils Cut." This song is just "smoky," that's the best way I can describe it. This song just makes me think of trudging around New Orleans and all the stigma that goes with it lol. With a tight groove and catchy lyrics and melody, this song is one you'll listen to over and over.

Dustin Sonnier

I met, Louisiana native, Dustin a few years back, when he showed up at one of my shows in the Fort Worth Stockyards. I was walking around and heard "hey Keith!" When I turned and looked for the person, I INSTANTLY recognized Dustin. A few months before this encounter, a buddy sent me a new artist that I needed to hear, and it was none other than Mr. Dustin Sonnier. You can say I was hooked from the first moment I heard "Neither Do I." Dustin has a new record out "Between The Stones and Jones" which is rocketing up the charts. His first single of the record "Drinkin' Alone" was a huge success on Texas Radio. His current single, "Between The Stones And Jones" is currently the #1 song in Louisiana and a Top 25 hit on Texas Radio

Song to Check Out
"Wake Me Up Tomorrow." I still remember when Dustin first told me about this song about 6 months ago. He sang the lyrics to me sitting outside Honky Tonk Texas. I remember thinking this was right up Keith Whitley's alley! If you like the sad, drinking country songs, then this is the song for you!

Jake Worthington

Another artist I came to know just from playing shows. We've played 3 shows with Jake, and I've never heard him sound bad! You may remember Jake from The Voice, he was his season's runner-up. Another neo-traditionalist who shares influences with me like Keith Whitley and Daryle Singletary. Jake is just a good ole country boy who can flat out sing! He's got a new record he's currently working on that I'm super excited about!

Song to Check Out
"Don't Think Twice." This is Jake's current single right now. This is a fun love song! Another one that just makes you want to dance.

Danny Dillon

One of my closest friends that I've known the longest! Danny and I went to high school together. Danny is one of the few people that I've known since I really started my music career, you may say we started together. Some of you may remember Danny from his Blacktop Outlaw days. Danny was a founding member of that band, before he decided to go do his own thing. With a very distinctive voice, and a style of his own, check out the latest from Danny!

Song to Check Out
"Whiskey or Wine." Danny's current single. It started strong climbing the charts in Texas and now has found its way onto the Louisiana charts at well!

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