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We have a slow week coming up with a weekend off, so I wanted to just type a little something for you guys and gals. We played in Lufkin last Saturday and had a great time. With the time down this weekend, I think I'm gonna take my kiddo fishing. But before I do that, I wanted to turn yall on to a few things.

Country Music is Alive and Well!
I know most of yall are like me, and listen to REAL country music! Heck, that's probably part of the reason you like this band, is that we honor traditional country music. It's getting few and far between to find this kind of music on today's radio. But if you know where to look, you can find some of it out there. So I figured that I'd tell you guys and gals some of what I'm listening to!

Randall King

This is probably my favorite newer country singer our there right now! This guy really embraces the traditional country vein. I haven't gotten a chance to see him live yet, but I've heard he's great live as well. If you like guys like Cody Johnson, then he's definitely someone you should check out!

Song to Check Out
This was a really hard choice because he has a whole album that's great, so I'll pick 2 songs. "Mirror, Mirror" and "Keep Her on the Line."

Jon Pardi

I have to admit, I didn't really like this guy at first. His voice just had something to it that I didn't care for. I'm happy to say that he has really grown on me! He really has shot up to fame lately, but he had a couple albums before his California Sunrise album that people aren't familiar with! Everyone knows "She Ain't in It" and even his newest song "Heartache Medication," which we even cover one ourselves. But listen to some of his even older stuff and you can see this guy is the real deal, and just not a country phony.

Song to Check Out
"That Man"

Mo Pitney

Another one of my favorites who reminds me of a Daryle Singletary style vocal. Some people know of Mo from his song "Country," but I promise you, he has even better songs!

Song to Check Out
"Boy and a Girl Thing." If you are a emotional song fan, check out "Just a Dog"

William Michael Morgan

This is another more well known artist like Jon Pardi. He had some success with the song "I Met a Girl." He has plenty of true-traditional country songs on his current record like my favorite "Lonesomeville." For the emotional songs, he has "I Know Who He Is," which is a song about Alzheimer's Disease.

Song to Check Out

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